Sunday, November 8, 2009

Rapper DMX Is Afraid of The Beatdown: Sore Loser Before The Fight Even Begins

The news is buzzing around crybaby jailbird rapper, DMX, whose real name is Earl Simmons.  Sources report that he DMX allegedly pulled out of a much touted martial arts fight before it even happened.  DMX was slated to spar with Eric Martinez in December of 2009.  He canceled the event just last week, fearing for his safety.

The event was marketed as a celebrity Alabama Pride MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) event. 

DMX, who also has somewhat of a checkered past with the law has been cited as bragging that he was not even going to train for the event, prior to canceling, of course.  He was intent on employing "street fighting" techniques in this failed pop culture plot. It's not happening afterall.

Unbelievably, the reason that DMX gave for bowing out of this event was because Thunder Promotions, who put the whole flop together, refused to fix the fight in his favor.  Since Thunder Promotions management would not guarantee a win for DMX, he outright refused to participate in the match, sat in his virtual corner of the nonexistent ring, and pouted!

According to TMZ, DMX's manager, Nakia Walker issued a contractual addendum to the original contract with Thunder Promotions, outlined with the following stipulation:  

“Event Promoter and Management agree that (DMX) is scheduled to win Boxing Challenge… All parties agree this event has been scheduled to occur only in fun and that the artist involved is not a professional boxer.”

Watch This Video of DMX and Crew Fighting :

After arriving over ninety minutes late for the charity event in Colorado Springs, at which DMX was slated to perform, fans began chanting, "DMX!  DMX!"  All-out mayhem ensued.  DMX hopped onstage, but the audience couldn't hear him because unfortunately, the microphone and speaker systems were unplugged.  This video of security and DMX fighting represents what resulted.  A fight!

Is this the same guy who has served jail time for cruelty to animals and drug possession and who was accused of assaulting a sherriff?   How's about not signing up for any more fights, in or out of the ring?  "Where my dogs at?!"
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