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About Us Page for Enspyre 1 American Pop Culture Blog.

Welcome To  Enspyre 1 American Pop Culture Blog!


Enspyre 1 American Pop Culture Blog is your news portal for American pop culture and urban entertainment.  Columnists provide critical analyses and review hot trends in music, TV, celebrity, film, politics, media, and the arts with humor, wit, and satire with a motivating twist.  "Lemon slices please!"

Our Tagline:

"Where Pop Culture Meets Urban Entertainment" 

What We Do: 

We are a blogging news source on American pop culture and urban entertainment.  Writing, sharing reactions, and critiquing pop culture and the wide open world of entertainment is what we do best! News, politics, current events, celebrity gossip, reality TV, history, documentaries, vampire flicks, science fiction, music, live theater, and the arts are all well worth reporting and chatting about! That's exactly what we do.  We'll be doing it here every chance we get! You'll definitely want to come back often to get a glimpse of our view on the latest happenings in the world around us.

It is our primary goal, to provide an entertaining, eclectic variety of content for your enjoyment. That's our golden promise to you. Our news will give you access to all the best in American pop culture, urban entertainment, news, fashion & beauty, humor, business, marketing, technology, gadgets, education, parenting, lifestyles, music, art, poetry, theatre, and all the rest... All the things that you care about, but always with a twist.

American Pop Culture, Black Celebrity Gossip, Pop Culture, Black Entertainment, Entertainment News, Arts, TV Episode Recaps, People, Blogs, News, Celebrity Gossip, Celebrities, Satire, Music, Reality TV Shows, Motherhood, and Reviews That Motivate and Inspire. 

Our Contributing Writers:

Our writers are your source for all the best in American Pop Culture, urban entertainment, media, news, and reviews.  Whether you're interested in celebrity gossip, visual art, graphic novels, jazz, disco, R and B, the blues, punk rock, ska, politics, innovative technology, photography, novels, poetry, film, or pop culture and entertainment in general, Enspyre 1 American Pop Culture Blog is your go-to news source. 

Enspyre 1 American Pop Culture Blog is essentially a celebration of American pop culture and urban entertainment.   Articles range from analyzing and critiquing pop culture with seriousness, humor, wit, satire, and a motivating twist.

Our list of contributing writers includes the following:

Leah Jewel Alexander (Founder and Editor)

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We write detailed reviews on the latest news, information, and trends in the following industries:

American Pop Culture
Urban Entertainment
Black Entertainment
Music, Bands, CD, and MP3 releases
Television Trends, TV Shows
Top News Headlines of The Day
Arts and Entertainment
Celebrities, Celebrity News, and Celebrity Gossip
Movies, Movie News, and DVD releases
Lifestyle, Travel, and Leisure
Technology and Education
All Topics Related to American Pop Culture and Entertainment **

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Our Industry News Sources

We have a variety of the best, well-connected industry sources, enabling us to keep you up-to-date on hot trending topics, news, and commentary.  We aim to provide you with news, reviews, and information before it hits the masses.  Our sources represent some of the top entertainment agents, managers, and public relations managers in the entertainment industry.

We hope you’ll be inspired by all the best that the Web has to offer.  American Pop Culture is all the rave!  Come... Relax...  and be Enspyred! 

Contact Us:

For review inquiries, send information about  your book, CD, band, DVD, etc. to us via the contact form below.  Also use the contact form to reach our writers.  You may also send email directly to enspyre1publishing [at] gmail [dot] com to contact us.

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