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The Top Nine Pop Culture Blogs: The Prestigious "Pop Culture Bloggie Awards" Are Being Handed Out Today at Enspyre 1 American Pop Culture Blog

The nominations have been made and  the verdict is in for the first winners of the "Pop Culture Bloggie Awards".  Our committee of judges here at Enspyre 1 American Pop Culture Blog, have made their decisions regarding which blogs and websites will be the first to be presented with our prestigious "Pop Culture Bloggies." It's time to celebrate!

This award is periodically granted to blogs and a few websites that have been nominated by their peers in the online community.  They have proven to have great value and made some contribution to pop culture in the categories listed on our blog.

The First 9  Recipients of The "Pop Culture Bloggie Award":

Hip-Hop Music Blog, or HHMUSICBLOG for short, is a hot blog for hip-hop culture enthusiasts.  There, readers will have access to the newest rap, music, news, videos, audio, photos, and so much more. We love this blog for its fresh, up-to-date, news, views, and gossip related to hip-hop culture as a whole and rap music specifically.  This blog has another website on their network that is just as powerful and it also deserves our prestigious Pop Culture Bloggie Award, so we gave them one. 

RnB Music Blog is a diamond in the ruff as far as R & B music blogs go.  The site is stocked with R & B music, news, videos, audio, photos, and more.   On the blog, readers have full access to some of the hottest music reviews, gossip, album covers, and our favorite, throwbacks to yesteryear.  Listen to some good, older R & B music, gone, but never forgotten!  Up-and-coming R & B artists can drop an email via the contact form on the site and the blog will promote their work.  Who could ask for more?  Interviews from top acts, song lyrics are also featured on the blog, as well as an active forum for meeting and greeting other R & B music enthusiasts.

Mondo Times is the worldwide media guide, providing fast access to newspapers, magazines, radio and TV stations and news agencies worldwide.  The guide also provides detailed contact information for American media to Mondo Times members.  Members may join free of charge and rate opinions of newspapers, magazines, radio and TV stations.  Thanks to Mondo Times’ ratings system, which enables members to rate media outlets’ effectiveness, collaboration is now possible.  Newspaper and magazine readers and television viewers no longer have to sit on the sidelines as passive sponges, just soaking in the images and information.  Mondo Times offers convenient access to mass media worldwide, but it's also a reputation manager.   It’s designed to help the consumer assess both the quality of each media outlet and the political views which influence its output.

I Am Bored exudes pop culture.  It’s really a hoot.  When our judges read the description on the “About” page, all we could do is double over in laughter!  Check this out, “This site is founded on the theory that people will get so incredibly bored as to type things like ‘I'm Bored’ into their search engines just to see what happens.”  What happens when you type the words, “I’m bored” into your search engine?  You go to this site and find a wealth of stuff to keep you entertained all day long.  It would take days, even weeks to get through all of the hilarious treasures on this site!  There are viral videos, memes, games, quizzes, social networking resources, and even chat, all for your entertainment pleasure.  

Don Mills Diva is a blog that takes mommy blogging to a whole different level.  The site’s tagline is, “Take A Walk on The Child Side.”  The blog’s publisher is in Canada’s film industry and has kicked up some momentum by starting a growing movement called, “Write on!  Respect The Blog.”  Check it out.

Pop Culture Madness is an outstanding pop culture blog that cuts through the mess and gets right down to the core of it all.  We truly enjoy this blog for its pop culture reviews, celebrity news, and juicy gossip, which all go hand-in-hand.  The accompanying website for Pop Culture Madness is located here and it goes by the same name.  We thought the blog was outstanding, but the website is absolutely exciting!  It’s got similar pop culture content as the blog, but a whole lot more!  The layout is colorful, bright, engaging, and hypnotizing in the least!  Pop Culture Madness is your one-stop information location for Popular Culture, Popular Music, Trivia, Jokes, and a bunch of other stuff!  Pop culture news is updated daily, and the Pop Music section has hundreds of pages featuring the best and worst songs of all time.  Check out the contests and win some cool prizes!

Pop Therapy is one of the premier blogs in the pop culture and gossip categories.  It’s described as a guide to popular culture.  If you’re interested in remaining abreast of new books, music, movies, and all the scandalous news on your favorite celebrities, then this is definitely the place to go!  Posts and reviews on the site are short and to-the-point, so you won’t miss a beat.  Get all the skinny at Pop Therapy.

Mama Pop is absolutely hilarious!  The blog is described as the best of celebrity gossip and entertainment news, is smart pop culture analysis, commentary, merciless fun-making and other sundry awesome, dished up daily by parents, for parents, and anyone else who understands that playtime is better with vodka.  Their tagline is, “We’re here for your children.”  How funny is that, considering the absolutely sarcastic, rofl humor and celebrity gossip that lives and breathes on the blog?  This one is definitely a top.

Rhymes With Snitch is all the rave these days.  This popular pop culture blog has been mentioned several times by Wendy Williams lately and we’re so glad about it.  We’ve been following this blog since forever and for good reason.  The author often refers to herself as “That Bitch” and man, can she dish it out!  It’s all good though because the celebrity gossip is juicy.  Posts are updated several times throughout the day with pictures of celebrities, brief articles about their misbehavings and shenanigans, music videos, and commentary.  Check it out.  How YOU doing?!

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Enspyre 1 American Pop Culture Bloggie Award

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