Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ever Wonder What Happened to Neo-Soul Singing Duo, Floetry? Find Out, Plus Free Download

Many have long wondered what has been going on with Floetry.  We've gotten lots of emails on this issue asking us to see what we could dig up on the topic.  Well here's the skinny.   Floetry did break up and they do not plan to get back together.

In fact, Marsha Ambrosius says in an interview that she can not see them getting back together, to paraphrase her comments.  Natalie Stewart, the other member of this soulful duo agreed in an interview with talk-show host Wendy Williams, that Stewart made a dissappearing act without informing her band member.  What was she to do?

The problem with that is that they had a concert coming up.  Ambrosius went on with the concert and it was billed as a Floetry performance.  Fans arrived to the show only to find that there was no Natalie Stewart.  She had been replaced by a singer by the name of Amanda Diva.  So, who is Amanda Diva?

Who knew?!  Natalie explains in the interview that she was out of touch with her bandmate because she was ill and needed to get back into herself.  Go figure.

Natalie Stewart Answers Gay Rumors

We all know that it doesn't matter one way or the other if Natalie Stewart is gay or not, but juicy gossip is juicy gossip, right?!

In the same radio interview with Wendy Williams, Natalie Stewart puts an end to the gossip, admitting to being bisexual, while denying long-running rumors of carrying on a romance with band member Marsha Ambrosius, citing that, "Sexual orientation is for single folk," and she's married now.  She also states that when she was single, she had "fun" with girls and if she and her husband want to have more fun with girls together, then basically, that's their prerogative.

The songbird goes on to say that the English do not regard sexuality as such a taboo subject as Americans do and spills all of Ambrosius' beans in revealing that she is as straight as they come.  Stewart also says that she and Marsha Ambrosia are still friends and are not planning to make music together again anytime soon because they are both enjoying their solo careers.  Well, at least the two have found at least one term upon which they can agree.  Whew!

Solo Projects

In the meantime, they are both said to be working on solo projects.  It would be wonderful if they got together for another Floetry project.  The music is a culmination of the blending of multiple genres'.  It's chock-full of R & B, hip-hop, neo-soul, funk, classical, and the blues infused throughout and is wonderful to the ear!  Previous Floetry albums include

I love the music that these two talented divas made together, as well as their solo work.  They both seem to be very positive sisters who have definitely made their mark in Black music history and we can expect them to continue to do so.  Stewart put the art of spoken word poetry on the Grammy map and of course we can never forget the melodiously funky single, "Butterflies," that Ambrosious penned for the "King of Pop," Michael Jackson!  Now that one is a classic!

Free Music Download

Enjoy listening to this free download of Marsha Ambrosius singing on Masta Ace & Edo G's single "A's & E's".  For more information on the album, check out this article.

Listen to More Music by Floetry

If you want to hear more of Floetry's music, check out their albums, which are fantastic blends of hip-hop, neo-soul, poetry, and full of flavor!

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