Sunday, July 27, 2008

WHY, OH WHY?: Omarosa Discusses New Book, The Bitch Switch

Today, I've got to dish! This is definitely a new day. I've never been one to jump on the "Dislike Omarosa Bandwagon," but today, I fell in for a spell. I think that little Mizzzzzzzzz Compton-meets-Hollywood, by way of East St. Louis is quite the brilliant one. She's accomplished a lot in her day. If you don't know, you've just got to read up on her. I dare say that Omarosa is a pioneer among pioneers, doing it big! I'm very proud of her, as we all should be.

Goodness gracious! Omarosa-The-Notorious went on shock jock Wendy Williams' TV Show on FOX Living and truly lived up to the title of her new book The Bitch Switch, which is currently available in pre-release on Amazon! She came out of the box swinging and maybe I'm a slow one, but I just couldn't figure out why all the animosity. The two ladies had never actually met before. Ever! One thing was evident though. O-Town has a gigantic beef with Williams over something and she made her voice heard loud and clear. She's a long way from Compton, but she's still following the code of, "Keepin' it real!"

I was in sheer disbelief as I watched the video via YouTube. Omarosa came on the set looking lovely, as usual and Wendy welcomed her to the show, after a bright and shining introduction by Williams. Now don't get me wrong, Wendy Williams is no saint. She has definitely earned her stripes as a "shock jock," and offended many in her time.

You'll just have to see this one for yourself! Here's the clip.

Omarosa Acting up on The Wendy Williams Show on FOX:

Now you KNOW Wendy Williams had to shoot back. Don't take my word for it!

The divas are at it again! Now you know you want to check out that book! It's called, ummmm, let me see if I can remember... THE BITCH SWITCH!

I have a proclammation to make on this day in history. Omarosa has inspired me to spill the tee, give up some good dish, and just gossip more often! That's right. I've decided to take a slight detour away from motivation and inspiration and just spill the tee right here more often! I too sing Omarosa! I have been inspired by "Bitch Switch!"

O-Town told Wendy that she was fake! Don't be talking about me behind my back. But, whoa, she did the BIG no-no. She said the girl's weave started three miles back. You know I've got to exaggerate. I thought I was back in grade school watching the teachers fight. I just wanted to skip going straight home and run up to the park yell, "Fight... Fight!," and just instigate like hell! "Weeeeeendyyyyy, she over there talking about your mama. Yep, I heard her. Didn't you Kelly? How about you Sonya? Yep. Yep. Here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to give you a list of everybody who said they heard her say, 'Your mama,' to you, okay? I'll get their signatures, okay?"

My list: Priscilla, Sherri, Allie, Vicki, Derrick, Morgan, Marcus, Gladys, Tim, Kim, King the dog, Norma, Richie, The Boogie Man, and his girlfriend (in my handwriting, I might add)! I would give the same list to Wendy Williams.

Here's how some viewers and readers weighed in on the subject. I signed their names too! Look out for the water balloons on the first one:

Here's a very interesting video response!

Shock jock diva Wendy Williams' video description of her new television show, "The Wendy Williams Experience."

"It's all about The O!"

Omarosa makes a surprise admission right here in her very own video response!

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