Thursday, August 13, 2009

How to Use Web Humor as A Strategy to Overcome Life's Daily Stress

Whether we realize it or not, we all reap the numerous rewards of using web humor as a strategy to overcome life’s daily stressors over and over again. Think about it. You’re having the day from hell! You know the kind of day on which nothing, but nothing and no one can possibly make it better. You run out of gas, forget your important lunch meeting, get downsized, and to top it all off, your pants fall down right in front of the office gossip before you can even get out of the place on your very last day. Yes. By all accounts, this is the day from hell.

You finally get home, some seventy-six hours later and open up your email knowing full well that there’s nothing good there, but you go on to do so anyhow. What you find is that your best friend has forwarded you the funniest video you’ve ever seen. This one’s so downright ridiculous that you’re still laughing right now, just thinking about it. It’s been an entire since you survived the aforementioned fateful day from hell on which you first laid eyes on the video! Well, you’ve just experienced a web humor moment.

I think I’ll just coin that term, Web Humor Moment. Let’s call it that. For short, we’ll just call it a WHM. What say you?

Please post a comment or email me your favorite or funniest WHM. I’ll choose some of the funniest ones and share them here from time to time. Please make sure to include your name if you want me to share it, as well as the web address so we can all check it out and share in your deliciously funny Web Humor Moments. How about that? A moment unshared is essentially a moment unlived.

While foraging around on the net for the funny, I came across one of the funniest video clips that I’ve seen to date. In it, is actress Dixie Carter, of TV show, “Designing Women” fame, displays her skills on an exercise video like none other. Brace yourself! Oh, the laughter that is bound to ensue!

Web humor is indeed a great stress reliever and sharing it via email, RSS feeds, blogging, forums, video, audio, news aggregators, etc. is an awesome strategy for positive living. The extreme laughter that inevitably ensues as a result of interacting with web humor has the innate ability to relieve one’s stress and improve one’s health in many ways.

Incorporating humor hunting on the web into one’s life and sharing discovered diamonds with others is more than a mere hobby. It’s an entertaining, enriching, and healing journey.

But don’t just take my word for it. You’ve just got to see it for yourself.

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