Sunday, June 7, 2009

Web Humor: One of Life's Greatest Healing Serums

In these modern times of fast-paced living, high percentages of job loss, worries about the economy and retirement futures, the environment is ripe for stress and web humor is the perfect antidote. The need for comic relief is perhaps at an all-time high. Web humor provides a free, easily-accessible, positive, alternative, and it’s right at our fingertips. At its best, web humor, in its state of constant availability and ever-increasing growth, serves as the perfect healing serum as a vehicle for stress management.

One of life’s greatest healing serums is a large dose of bellowing laughter. A nice, good chuckle is capable of soothing the sick soul and working wondrous wizardry on elevating one’s mental state. Web humor, comic-relief, and laughter also help to improve one’s overall physical health as well. It’s always worked for me even before I realized that it was indeed a strategy for positive living that I could employ daily. As I strive to heal myself by ingesting spoonfuls of web humor, I find that sharing it with others assists me even more in this quest, so I’ll be sure to share.

It’s safe to say that even staff at the Mayo Clinic agree with my finding that web humor and laughter, in general, sow tremendous health benefits. This is evidenced by a dynamic and informative must-read article called, “Stress relief from laughter? Yes, no joke,” written by Mayo Clinic Staff. The article highlights the great long-term and short-term improvements that laughter provides the human body with respect to pain-relief, the immune system, tension, stomachaches, organ stimulation, personal satisfaction, and overall health.

Read the full article here.

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