Thursday, August 13, 2009

Full-Length Movies Now Available on YouTube and Other Web Humor Moments

Full-Length movies now available on YouTube. Find out more at Enspyre 1 American Pop Culture Blog at

Some say it never rains in southern California and there may be some degree of truth to that, but one fact always stands true regarding web humor. You can always find it in great abundance from ever-increasing sources on the Internet on websites, blogs, forums, email messages, podcasts, videos, stories, comics, and so much more. Not only does the sun often shine in California, but also in living rooms, office cubicles, college dormitories, and coffee houses all over the world, generated by the audacious hubbub of hilarity that web humor provides.

If you conduct a simple Internet search or view the email attachments sent from family, friends, or colleagues, you’re bound to find it and we’re bound to find you rofl (rolling on the floor laughing). There’s definitely enough funny to be found on the net to fit just about any fancy or taste. During my most recent humor hunt, during which I forage the net for Web Humor Moments, I uncovered some wonderful gems. You’ll definitely want to check them out.

Here’s some of what I found. I stumbled onto YouTube at and hit absolute pay dirt. New stuff! By now, you’re already aware that you can watch unlimited amounts of hilarious video clips for free on the site that have been uploaded by people from all over the globe. What would American Pop Culture be without YouTube?

Well now, web humor enthusiasts can also enjoy hours upon hours of full-length feature films on YouTube here:

Full episodes of TV shows can be found here, in addition to shorter clips. Really. No joking allowed.  The Comedy Movies are found here. These new additions will just make you want to scream!  It’s home to such sprightly classics as “The Best of the Three Stooges” and “The Best of Abbott and Costello.”

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