Monday, November 2, 2009

Watch Full Episode of For The Love of Ray J 2, Premier Episode Online Now

Multi-platinum R and B singer and actor Ray J's TV show, For The Love of Ray Jay 2 is back on VH-1.

Multi-platinum artist, actor, and musician, Ray J, also known as R & B singer Brandi's brother, is back again for a second season of reality pimpin' on VH-1.  The premier episode kicks off tonight.  Last time, he brought 14 girls to the mansion in the Hollywood Hills and this time, he's stepped it up a notch with 19 flunkies girls.  Personally, I could really do without the guy.  He's whiney and has a classic little man's complex.  Foofey-Foofey is still the player of the decade.

Ray J

Who else is more handsome than Flavor-Flav and has women falling at his feet like he does?  Noone! Anyone who can think of just one person who tops Flavor wins a new car!  Promise!  And let's not forget that it was Flave who started the whole genre' of "I Love..." reality television shows.  Then came "I Love New York" and all the others.

Flavor Flav

Why don't these reality show romances ever work out?  Are they real?  What say you?  Will you be watching "For The Love of Ray J 2" tonight?  No need to wait.  We've got the hookup.

Watch The Premier Episode of For The Love of Ray J 2 Now!

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