Monday, October 12, 2009

More "Frankie and Neffe" Reality TV Show Bytes: Is It Cause for Stomach Gripe or Just An Entertainment Blip? Weigh In And Be Honest

Satirical look at TV show, Frankie and Neffe. Watch funny videos of Frankie and Neffe on Enspyre 1 American Pop Culture Blog.

Tell the truth.  Do you watch Frankie and Neffe?  I won't tell anyone.  I promise. Watch these clips from Neffe's YouTube Channel and then let us know via the comment form.  These videos are not from the BET show, but home videos of the same sort of shenanigans that are usually displayed on the show.

Frankie and Neffe TV Show Banner
Frankie & Neffe

"Man down!  Code Ten!"  Aaaaaaand, my book, Flat Line (tongue in cheek)!  I got the idea from "Ya' Gurl Frankie."

This first video consists of Neffe, Frankie, and Hairdresser B.F.F. at Airport.  Frankie's At It Again!  The Foolishness!  She's a Grandmother!

Frankie Takes Over The Dance Floor in this one.  "Code Ten!"


Shante Broadus Mug Shot and Snoop Dogg Smoking Cigar
Snoop Dogg and Wife, Shante Broadus

Whoops, not the mug shot.  Snoop, put that out.  It's illegal!   Let's try that again...  Here's the happy couple.

Snoop Dogg and Wife Dressed in Black and White Formal Attire
All Dressed Up

Here's a nice, short clip of Frankie, Neffe, friends, and family at Neffe's daughter's birthday party a couple of weeks ago at Dave and Buster's.  Rapper Snoop Dog's wife, Shante Broadus, is there too.  You can see her in the clip fiddling around with her camera at the beginning and the end of the clip.  This is definitely a much happier occasion than when she was busted for drunk driving not long ago.  It's great to see her smiling.  I'm a big, gigantic fan of she and hubby Snoop Dogg.  Their reality was awesome.

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