Sunday, October 11, 2009

Man Down, Code Ten, or Flat Line: Frankie and Neffe Reality TV Show Just Way Too Ignorant

"It's a man down, Code-10 situation!"  These are the famous words of very popular reality TV star.  You all know exactly who I'm talking about.  Yes, the notorious Frankie.  We first met her on her daughter Keyshia Cole's reality show, titled Keyshia Cole:  The Way It Is, which aired on BET previously for two very successful seasons.  People all over the blogosphere are discussing whether or not we should be watching this show.  What's my take?  Er..  eh...   lighten up!  Watch it or not. Simple.  Woo-saaaaaaaaaa.  Now follow along.

Well, here's Frankie again on last week's edition of the reality show that she and daughter Neffe star in together called Franke and Neffe. This one also shows on Black Entertainment Network.  There are usually antics and ignorance galore, but in this episode, we just see the results of Frankie's previous habits and how it has wreaked havoc in her life and that of her children, the ones she knows and the ones she doesn't know.  In this episode, the cast begins a search for the missing family members.

There's been a great debate about the show in general.  The majority of the fall-out has been over Frankie's antics, ignorance, and unruly behavior.  There's really no other way to put it other than to say that Frankie often displays very juvenile behavior that can be aptly characterized as downright ignorant, but the show is also quite humorous and entertaining. Okay, I admit it.

Photo of Frankie and Neffe from 

I have been known to watch and enjoy the show a few times.  So there you have it folks.  Sue me.  Just don't tell my mom and pop.  I also like Archie Bunker and Good Times.  Please, oh please don't tell them that either.  I found his show ignorant too.  Personally though, I enjoy the show.  Not only for the entertainment, but also the redemptive characteristics.  Frankie used to be a drug addict, alcoholic, and prostitute.  Now she's clean and sober and trying to get her life on track.  She's writing a book now.  In the now famous words Neffe, the best on-demand tear maker ever, "Are you serious?!"  I guess it will be called, "Code-10 and Other Frankie Tails." I'm just playing.

One of The MANY Baby Daddies in The Equation (Which One, No One Knows), Frankie, and Neffe 

I'm going to write a book called Flat-Line.  That may be what we all end up doing after reading Frankie's book.  I'm just playing.  I love Frankie!  "But I'll kill him dead before I let him beat me!"  Sorry, I digress, but how can we have a serious debate about Frankie and Neffe and whether or not to take the show seriously.  It's a joke.  Just watch it or don't.  According to Clutch Magazine, there is even and online petition to have the show taken off the air, stating, "Why...  do we allow this baboonery to continue?" 

I'm watching it when I'm in a silly mood like I obviously am right now and I'm turning it off when Frankie flat-lines me.  "Flat-Line!"  I wonder if I can get "Flat-Line" to catch on like Frankie got "Man Down" and "Code-10" to catch on?"  Actually she just may be smarter than we think.  People are talking about her all the way to the bank!

Neffe, Keyshia Cole, and Frankie 

The program's premise is to show improvement as the family comes together, growing closer, and essentially learns how to do what most of us would consider to be "normal" things like having a kitchen table, talking instead of yelling, and perhaps most importantly, not dating 20 year-old drug dealers when you're a grandmother! 

Why do I hear the song playing in the background singing, "That's entertainment?!"  Enjoy this episode of Frankie and Neffe (Season 1, Episode 9).  The title is "Celebration In Order." 

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