Monday, October 12, 2009

Get The First Single From Michael Jackson's This Is It CD. It's The Bomb.

This is a beautiful day!  The sky is blue, love is in the air, and you can listen to Michael Jackson's latest single, "This Is It," right here on Enspyre 1 American Pop Culture Blog!  It was just released today and we have it!  This song has never been released before and as a true M.J. fan, I can honestly say, without reservation, that it is absolutely awesome!  The song is reminiscent of a breath of fresh, morning air in the springtime.  I do declare.

 This Is It Album Cover

The album, "This Is It," goes right along with the film, "This Is It."  It will be released on vinyl on November 10.  The CD is due for a worlwide release on October 26 and 27, depending on your country.  The movie will be released in theaters on October 28.

Here is the information from Michael Jackson's Sony Music Website on the album:

Disc one features the original album masters of some of Michael's biggest hits arranged in the same sequence as they appear in the film. The disc ends with two versions of the never-released "This Is It." This song is featured in the film's closing sequence and includes backing vocals by Michael's brothers, the Jacksons.

Disc two offers previously unreleased versions of some of the artist's classic tracks. This disc also features a touching spoken word poem from Michael Jackson entitled "Planet Earth" that has never been heard before.

This four disc vinyl set also includes an oversized 36-page booklet of photographs taken at Michael Jackson's final rehearsal.  Play the video below and listen to the single "This Is It."   Also, listen to it on the official Michael Jackson website.   The entire song is delicious!

I simply can not wait to hear the entire CD or view the movie.  I'll keep you posted.  Enjoy the trailer for the movie "This Is It" below.  Let us know what you think on the comment form.

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