Thursday, August 13, 2009

Watch Dilbert and Other Great Movies and TV Shows on YouTube!

More about watching full-length movies and TV shows on YouTube:

In the Most Popular Comedy Movie Section is one of my favorites, Robert Townsend’s hilarious satire and directorial debut, “Hollywood Shuffle.” This crazy tale (Rated R) represents a silly, spoof of the dichotomy that has sometimes existed between African-American actors and Hollywood decision-makers.

Watch here:

This next one really does it for me. After you brace yourself, pass go, do not go to jail, and then enjoy Good old Dilbert, America’s favorite low-level engineer. He’s still cracking us all up with his comical roasts of our country’s corporate culture. In keeping up with the technological times though, Dilbert has jumped off the page and this comic strip legend by Scott Adams comes to life on YouTube, thanks to Crackle. What you’ll enjoy is a full playlist of the TV adaptation of the cartoon, including hours of Dilbert, live and in living color. I promise you’ll be fully entertained.

Watch Dilbert on YouTube here:

Watch Dilbert on Crackle here:

Here's a little taste just to get you in the Dilbert mood.

While taking a brief time-out from my humor hunt, I heard the calling. Somewhat of a screeching sound, it went, “Eeeeeeek. Eeeeeeek.” (You must know that only I can hear this sound, but if you listen and I mean really listen, you too will hear.) So, of course, I answered the calling by checking my email.

The subject line read, “First Celebrity Victim of Swine Flu,” definitely halting the delicious flow of my fun and capturing my undivided attention. As I hurriedly opened the email, I was greeted with a photograph of my very first lover, Mr. Kermit the Frog, himself.

The thing that hurt me most about all of this is that I didn’t even get to attend the funeral. So now, in my own small way, I shall pay homage to my first boyfriend sweet Kermie by sharing his last and final resting place with you.

You may view the body at Sarcastic on the following webpage:

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But don’t just take my word for it.

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