Friday, February 26, 2010

Top-Notch Home Entertainment Options at Reasonable Prices: A Journey

You all know how much I love my entertainment, right? Well, I just recently returned home from the hospital, and needed an upgrade in my home entertainment. More viewing choices is exactly what I need right now. I started searching for Direct TV Service options in St. Louis. As you know, when you’re looking for something in particular, it can be very difficult to find. Much to the converse, as soon as you stop looking, whoops, there it is, smack dab in your face, it seems, almost like it was there all along!

Well this time I may have gotten lucky. I found While looking for a great upgrade to my home entertainment options, I found DIRECT TV. I’m looking into it, especially since they’ve got some great deals going right now.

What I want is excellent quality in picture, sound, and selection.  I enjoy watching all sorts of movies.  Lately, I'm truly digging documentaries.  Anything on Black history, music, mobsters, (yeah, I said it), religion, U.S. history, and culture suits my fancy.  I also like comedy films and so much more.

For instance, they’re offering over one-hundred fifty DirectTV channels, plus Showtime for free for $29.99/ month for a period of three months. They’ve also got over two-hundred ten channels, with Showtime and Starz channels thrown in for just $34.99/ month, and their best deal yet gives viewers more than two-hundred twenty five channels, along with Showtime and Starz. This package includes up to eleven premium movie channels altogether and it only costs $39.99/ month.

This sounds like a good deal for home entertainment to me. If you want to see how much you can save and exactly what DirectTV channels you can get in your area, just visit and type in your zip code.


Do you have DirecTV? Would you recommend it? Why or why not?

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