Thursday, January 28, 2010

Watch Full-Length Movie: A Century of Black Cinema

Enjoy watching "A Century of Black Cinema," a ninety-minute film on the history of African-American film and its affect on pop culture.

Here's the description:

The finest african-american entertainers to ever grace the silver screen

A 90-minute special celebrating the finest African-American entertainers ever to grace the silver screen featuring performances from PORGY AND BESS, LILIES OF THE FIELD, GONE WITH THE WIND, COTTON COMES TO HARLEM, WAITING TO EXHALE and many more.

“A CENTURY OF BLACK CINEMA celebrates the finest Black entertainers ever to grace the silver screen. This absorbing program takes you on an illuminating journey through the careers of the fortunate, the unfortunate, the ground- breakers, the spectacular, the musical, and the comical performers who have inspired millions of people since the first cameras rolled.

- source

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