Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Don't Call It A Comeback: Whitney's Been There, Done That, And Been Here at Number One Before.

The lovely and talented Ms. Whitney Houston is back!  If you've been under a rock, you probably haven't noticed.  This sister is back and in full effect.  Gosh, it's wonderful to see her looking and sounding so good.  She says she even feels good!

No More Drama! 

 Bobby Brown
No more Bobby hitting, fighting, or spitting on her, as she reported that he has done in the past, throughout their rocky, drug and alcohol-infused marriage.  You want gossip?  Well make me a pitcher of lemonade.  Heavy on the rocks. 

Little Ms. Whitney says Bobby, her estranged bad boy husband and R & B singer acted a fool during their marriage.  During her interview on Oprah's show this week, she says that he was full of jealously and has gone as far as drawing evil eyes on the walls with spraypaint.  Did Ms. Whitney mention that Bobby spit in her face?  In front of their daughter?  Their fifteen-year old daughter is so beautiful, poised, and precious, I might add.  Her voice!  Ah!  Lovely!  Just like mommy.

Bobbi Christina Brown and Mother Whitney Houston
Singing Live on "Good Morning America"

The Music Speaks for Itself.  Outstanding!

I'm truly digging the music on Ms. Houston's latest CD, I Look To You!  This one is truly delicious from beginning to end.  Each nuance and tasty morsel of sound carries depth, meaning, energy, and power.  The CD is full of romantic and gospel-tinged ballads expressing the singer's love for Jesus who saw her through the mire and muck of drug addiction and romance woes and funky dance tracks. 

The CD is representative of a culmination of musical genius at the hands of some of the world's greatest producers in American Pop Culture history.  Tracks are produced on the album by such great talents as Clive Davis, Alicia Keys, and Robert Kelly, who most of us know as R. Kelly and off up in the hood, even others of us may know him as "THE R-ah."  Add to the mix, Houston's vocals and voila!  An awesome blend indeed.   Ms. Whitney definitely gets her lemon twists from me on this effort!

Whitney on Oprah's Long-Awaited Season Premier

Let's Talk About Performance!

All I can say is this.  Sing, keep loving God, and as my grandma, who we affectionately referred to as Mother would say, "Give that child some learning!"  Anything else is extra!  Check out Ms. Whitney performing her brand new hit song I Look to You on Good Morning America.

Here's my alltime favorite song by Ms. Whitney.  Check it out and tell me what your fave is in the comments section.

More of Ms. Whitney singing  "My Love Is Your Love" live on Good Morning America last week with her lovely daughter Bobbi Christina.

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