Thursday, September 3, 2009

Chris Brown Diagnosed with Dementia: No Memory of Assault on R and B Singing Sensation Rihanna

Good Lord!  American Pop Culture , sex, drugs, rock and roll, and biting your girlfriend's ear off go hand-in-hand.  Well...  sometimes, that is!  Okay by now, we all know that Little Miss Chris Brown was interviewed on Larry King Live on CNN tonight, Wednesday, September 2, 2009.  But we need to backtrack just a bit before we go there.

 R & B Singers Rihanna and Chris Brown During Friendlier Days

Now I believe firmly in being forgiving and moving on, especially when we're talking about such young people, but when asked if he remembered attacking sensational Rhythm and Blues singer Rihanna, Brown replied, "No."  A' BRRRRRRRR WHAT'S UP WITH'CHYOU?!  and HOW YOU DOING?!

What?!  How do you forget disobeying your great-grandmother who you probably never even met, but who you know would tell you never, ever to hit a woman?  How do you forget reenacting a scene from West Side Story and jump your girlfriend into the gang called you?!  Men hitting women goes against the grain of everything civilized society purports to stand for.

True to form, Little Missy retracted his words later in a statement saying that he misspoke.  What does that mean anyway.  Is is better to be remiss than to misspeak?  Is it better to have misspoke than to never have 'spoke' at all?  What does it all mean?  Which came first, the chicken or the egg?  When alone in a forest, is there sound?

Please help me out with these questions.  The universe begs the answers.  Drop me a comment.  Do our thoughts really exist if we do not share?

Watch The Whole Larry King Live Fiasco Below:

Here's the part of the interview in question when dementia set inChris Brown's mother is with him throughout the interview sharing about what a good boy he was before his memory loss.  Listen in below.

...  And he loves her.  I wish the lovely couple all the best.

Real People's Video Reactions to Chris Brown's Larry King Live Interview:
What would a discussion of pop culture be without the ability to interact with current events and multimedia?  Here's a hilarious video reaction that I found on a web humor hunt on YouTube.  Check it out!  Breathe!

Here's a video I made a little while ago.  Stick through to the end of the clip as I start out on somewhat of a serious rant, but I get you to the funny.  I promise.  Hang in there with me.  By the way, this qualifies as part of My "Thirty Days of Downright Politically UNcorrect and Funny Photos and Videos."

This whole story is pretty sad actually.  Both Rihanna and Chris Brown are very young and I wish them both all the best in life.  It's got to be tough playing this whole thing out in public, especially with Pop Culture Bloggers all over the place!

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