Thursday, August 13, 2009

Personal Reactions to Euna Lee and Laura Ling's Safe Return Home

I am very thankful that Laura Ling and Euna Lee were released and allowed to come home. I have followed Laura Ling’s career for quite some time and have been personally affected by all of this mess. I can only imagine the numerous horrors that they have gone through and the dreadful thoughts that have gone through their minds throughout this whole ordeal.

Over the last few years, whenever I found that a story was being covered by Laura Ling, I always knew that it was a story that I definitely didn’t want to miss. What makes her stories so interesting is the very thing that unfortunately almost destroyed her entire life. The thing I love most about Ling’s stories is that she takes us into dangerous places that most of us are either too afraid to go to or just don’t know about. As a viewer, Ling’s work educates us on injustices in our world. Unfortunately though, her life is often at risk as she seeks to bring peace, justice, and liberation to others.

She takes the viewer to remote locations all over the world, exposing injustice, bringing awareness, and calling us to action. What Laura Ling and Euna Lee do is bring cultures and people together, exposing that which plagues society, and gives voice to the voiceless. This is the valor and gusto of which heroes are made.

This morning, my daughter and I watched a video on CurrentTV’s YouTube channel after we saw that Former President Bill Clinton had landed in North Korea to potentially bring the Americans home. The video is from Ling’s Vanguard segment on CurrentTV called "Prison Power Play."  In the video, Laura Ling visits a dangerous American prison and goes so far as to interview gang leaders who are so notorious that they are housed in cages, locked away from the rest of the population.

Later, in my daughter’s absence, I watched two more reports that Ling did. One is on child female sex workers in China that caters to rich businessmen. In the next one, she exposes the gross injustices of illegal slavery in the Amazon of Brazil.  It's called “Slaves of The Amazon.”

I imagine that someone wanting to cover this up might lock her up along with anyone working with her. They might even call them spies. I call Laura Ling and Euna Lee heroes.  Welcome home Laura Ling and Euna Lee!  We will continue to follow this story of heroism as it continues to break.

Watch Laura Ling in "Slaves of The Amazon" below:

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