Friday, December 25, 2009

Rapper Young Jeezy Goes Door-to-Door, Distributing Toyz N Da Hood In The Wee Hours of Christmas Morning: Exclusive Video Footage

If you're looking for one more thing to make you smile and feel good about on this beautiful Christmas night, just watch this video of rapper Young Jeezy passing out Christmas gifts in Atlanta early this morning.  He's participating in the Toyz N Da Hood project, which just warms my heart! 

This shows the softer side of Young Jeezy and proves to the masses that hip-hop is not merely about violence, but love, giving, and culture.  Kudos to Young Jeezy and everyone involved in the project.  Let's keep giving and sharing all through the year!

Video Description:

"Young Jeezy Street Dreamz Foundation takes part in the Annual Toyz N Da Hood Drive. Young Jeezy went door to door on Blvd. in Atlanta's 4th Ward." - Exclusive Access

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