Friday, August 8, 2008

What Writing Has Done for Me

Writing is one of the things that I most enjoy doing. I began writing at a very early age. Actually, I've been writing for as long as I can remember. I have no memories of me without my love and passion for the written word since I was old enough to write. My daughter is the same way. She too loves to read and write.

Story and self-expression feeds my soul and has long been my chosen means of self-expression, creativity, and perhaps most of all, my ultimate means of just letting go. With the power of the written word, I have been able to cope with obstacles throughout the course of my life.

I've also used it as a vehicle to connect with my inner-most thoughts, to reflect, assess life in all her mighty splendor, and as a coping mechanism. The ability to express myself through writing has enabled me to reframe my view of lots of things, people, and events. Using writing as a means of reflecting on self, self-to-family, self-to-community, self-to-society, and self-to-world has greatly contributed to my becoming a well-rounded person.

Writing has enabled me to take a step back from situations, cogitate, reflect, evaluate and assess the implications of my own actions, as well as the actions of others prior to moving forward in all situations. I imagine that it has kept me out of trouble in a lot of situations. Instead of quickly reacting to undesired situations and people I’ve sort of lived out and in some cases rewound and diffused negative events from clouding some of the beauties of life.
Living with chronic illness that has been quite debilitating at times, having the ability to write as a coping mechanism and means of escape, so to speak, has enabled me to reframe my own existence, thus actualizing more favorable possibilities. With this in mind, writing has also equipped me with the tools and ability to reach out, inspire, and get to know others, motivating and encouraging them and myself all the while.

Writing poems, plays, poetic-dramas, stories, essays, speeches, skits, comedy routines, letters, and more has provided me with a lifetime of opportunities act out characters, and most of all, to live the most positive life possible, while stimulating logical, critical, and analytical thinking. .

I encourage you too to pick up a pen and try it for yourself. What can writing do for you?
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